thread: 2009-06-09 : Adequacy, Cause and Effect

On 2009-06-10, Callan wrote:

Doesn't this sort of suffer from 'be creative now' issues? It gets exhausting and tiring, because its inventing stuff from raw cloth, rather than drawing on an imaginative source and when the inspiration hits, if it does, then giving it.

Like, if you were to roll on rolemaster or warhammer critical hit description tables (ignoring the numbers), and the group adds it to the narrations, BUT if it inspires something else in the person who's turn it is, they can ignore what they rolled and say it (noting that what they rolled may have inspired them to some degree, even though it is now being ignored).

That's a not so exhausting model because the fictional material keeps flowing even when inspiration eludes you (and that material then helps to create latter inspiration).


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