thread: 2009-06-08 : Restating: Fictional Causes and Realization

On 2009-06-10, Weeks wrote:

I'm a player who has experienced this thin-fiction phenomenon that Vincent is talking about.  I don't really grok why it happens.  And I'm not fully convinced that left-pointing arrows is the Thing to save me (but maybe!).  But I like a whole hell of a lot that someone in a position to is trying to crack this nut.

Ralph, I sometimes replay and fill-in details as you described.  But sometimes the fiction seems like a schematic.  Event 1 -> Event 2 -> Event 3...rush, rush, rush.  Up there in comment 8 where Vincent talks about what his game-designer buddies are saying—that resonates powerfully with me.  I'm envious that you had no clue about it.  And it doesn't feel like it's a matter of adjusting the 10% shared over to 20% shared.  it feels like it's something qualitatively different about the experiences.

I can't even pin down why it happens.  IAWA delivered all-eight-cylinders play one session and thin-fiction play the next.  I've assumed it was mostly the fault of the players.  I'm hopeful that this drive to analyse and beat this particular kind of doldrum will help my groups improve our ratio of fantastic experiences.


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