thread: 2009-06-09 : Adequacy, Cause and Effect

On 2009-06-11, Callan wrote:

"But! Those are all just examples. The thing I want to point out is that doing away with real-world effects, like damage rolls vs hit points, can make the fiction richer too."

The way my mind works (which is to say, no definitive statement of how things work) is that I end up thinking "richer to what purpose?". The orphanage thing, even though it's dry on detail, does culminate in a result. It'd feel alot better with richer fiction prior to it, but it does give a result. A real world one as well as fictional, given it hinges on a RL dice and RL points (well, they're pencil marks scratched on note paper, but that's still real)

The thing about combat is that it appears that it's a culmination in itself, assuming a character can actually die. If so, it seems a bit late to bring in rich fiction now? And if they can't die and this combat is about enriching the fiction - toward what end/purpose/culmination, my mind tends to ask? I'm kind of remember the joke about tantric sex; why is tantric sex like waiting for a plumber? Because you stay in all day and nobody comes. Perhaps that joke teases the idea of tantric sex, but is this enriching the same? It's not aimed at any eventual climax? Just asking in case the question helps us.


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