thread: 2009-06-09 : Adequacy, Cause and Effect

On 2009-06-11, Bill White wrote:

Ganakagok works like this: As a player, you respond to the situation prompted by the card draw. But then to resolve what happens you roll the dice first, and manipulate the result by invoking fictional elements. So rather than dice obviating the fiction ("I roll-I hit" D&D style), or dice driving the fiction (parlor narration style), or fiction driving fiction (freeform style), it's fiction driving dice (yay me!). But I think it's merely an extreme case of the "bonus dice for cool narration" as in Sorceror, and of course it's only part of the on-going interaction of game mechanics (or, more broadly, "system"—that being that which happens at the table) and fiction (the "diegesis," as the Scandinavians like to say).


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