thread: 2009-06-08 : Restating: Fictional Causes and Realization

On 2009-06-11, Marshall Burns wrote:

Regarding 80%/20%...

That's probably accurate-ish enough. But I, for one, ain't happy with it.

So, when I'm playing music with some friends, it starts with one guy playing a groove on one instrument. I listen, and I hear an idea in my head that fits with it. At this point, I could just sit their and listen while I imagine the groove in my head that grooves with my friend's groove. And I'd be fine. I'm getting my entertainment.

Not groovy. The other guys are missing out on what I'm hearing. Which is bad, because it's good and they should hear it.

What's worse is that, without me taking my idea out of my head and putting it into the Shared Acoustic Space, my friends can't groove off of my groove. I mean, my idea didn't come out of a vacuum; it spun off of another idea. Which could in turn spin off another idea for someone else. And that's the whole reason we do this TOGETHER rather than by ourselves.

So, roleplaying is just like that. And the Shared bits are what matters. Because it's not me, it's US.


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