thread: 2009-06-09 : Adequacy, Cause and Effect

On 2009-06-15, Callan wrote:

But but but...lots of games have holding breath and drowning rules, right down to hitpoints lost? I know 3.X did, haven't checked 4E for this particular. I'd assume breathe under water lets you bypass that? I'll grant when such rules are triggered is the GM drawing on the fiction (typically) and his own rules granted capacity to apply "Your PC is underwater!". I'll grant a GM could just never apply those rules even if the druid went over the waterfall, but the odds are he would. And then as it negates the drowning, it's a mechanical effect that cancels the mechanical rules for drowning.

Mind you, that's a straight square to square interaction, as I understand the diagrams. Or are you guys just saying being underwater doesn't seem to come up much, ie, it's mostly fiction only since it never comes up? To which I'd agree, drowning doesn't seem to come up much at all.


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