thread: 2009-06-15 : Lazy Play vs IIEE with Teeth

On 2009-06-15, John Harper wrote:

Man. It feels like you are talking directly to me, Vx. Last night, I wrote a big chunk of text for the new game, and it's all "you should do this. you should do that." But where are the teeth? I don't know if there are any or not. I can't tell anymore.

I need help! Look at this:

Player: Say what action your character undertakes. If no one interrupts you, then say how the character accomplishes the action. (if your character is in danger during any of this, mark Danger on your sheet)

GM: Listen to the player saying what action the character undertakes. Does that action match anything on the list of tests? If it does, interrupt them and say what trait they need to test.

This reminds me of Poison'd, where the GM listens to the ongoing fiction and jumps in with dice when the fiction demands it. At least, that's how I want it to work. But I'm way too close to it at the moment to see clearly.

What do you think of that little example? And what do you think about Poison'd and IIEE?


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