thread: 2009-06-15 : Lazy Play vs IIEE with Teeth

On 2009-06-16, Vincent wrote:

Oh no, not any of those - for instance, I don't think that "my dad taught me to ride" is any more tightly tied to any specific action than "with love" is. Traitwise they hit at about exactly the same level of concreteness.

The most straightforward answer is, in your game's IIEE, don't skip the IE in the middle - don't skip initiation and don't skip execution. My example resolution system at the top is like I—E, is its main problem. In a Wicked Age's problem is once-removed: you oughtn't play it I—E, but you kind of can, if you don't realize that you oughtn't, and then it has occult breakdowns that are hard to diagnose.

So: make sure that your game's rules treat now your character's in action and this is what your character's action is as significant. Especially, make sure that somebody else needs to know that now your character's in action, and needs to know what your character's action is, in order to make her decisions.


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