thread: 2009-06-09 : Adequacy, Cause and Effect

On 2009-06-18, Callan wrote:

"The entirety of my point."
Yes, but I'm not sure why there's the idea of two fictions coming up? A fiction and then a battlemat fiction? If it's agreed the battlemat changes the fiction, there aught to be only one fiction - the battlemats physical state and it's fictional cues continually folded into the one fiction, because we all agreed to fold them in.

It wasn't roleplay, but one time I was playing the warhammer quest boardgame and my friends had added these other (friendly) figures on the board. I thought one had been joking around and then the other added an ally for their guy. This went on for some time in the game and I was wondering why they were keep it up and asked, to find they had (agreed to by all) secret past cards and both made them bring someone. It went from silly extra minis on the board that aren't part of the game to those guys are actually THERE! Well, I mean I liked to imagine the action of the boardgame and formerly they just weren't there. Suddenly I folded the boards contents into the fiction in my head.


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