thread: 2009-06-22 : Secrets: the Smelly Chamberlain

On 2009-06-23, Callan wrote:

"The players know that they can't simply choose to make the Chamberlain smell bad. They know that if they said "hey GM, we've decided that the Chamberlain smells bad," the GM would say "huh? No."

I don't think that it became true in the fiction for them then, at their secret meeting. They're all like "let's act as though he smells bad and see what happens," they aren't like "from now on it's true that he smells bad.""

Well, the set up isn't to see what happens, it's
"Let's all, no matter what the GM says about him, let's all react to him as though he smells bad."

So they decide to ignore what the GM says about him. It's the same as deciding to treat it as true, if you ignore anyone who might call it false. This is the same as treating it as true, because you've tuned out anyone who could say it's false - thus it ends up 'true' simply by mentally tuning out all nay sayers. Even the ones the group agreed to listen to listen to. It's not seeing what happens, as it's deliberately ignoring the only person they agreed could counter them.

Really it's a group who are either confused about the ramifications of their actions in RL and are unaware they are breaking their agreement, or a group who are outright cheating the agreement they supposedly agreed to.


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