thread: 2009-06-24 : Rock of Tahamaat, Tyrant of IIEE

On 2009-06-25, Doc Holaday wrote:

Go Vincent Go.

The writing is wicked funny in places.

I like the Gilgamesh-like physical and psychological proportions of the Tyrant.

I'm sure the informants are toadying, manipulative slime, so their summaries may not align at all with how the players perceived events. This could lead to the Tyrant taking apparently unjust or illogical actions, or reacting out-of-proportion. (In other words, even if players do nothing incendiary, the Tyrant might end up punishing them directly or indirectly. You know, he might act all tyrant-y.)

"3. Otherwise, call for the player to roll for "I'm craven." (If the character has no opponent, it'll always be "I'm craven.")" Would you want this to be true even if the character were taking a physically risky but unopposed action like climbing up the outside of a tower to sneak in through the window of the concubines' room?

The flow-chart form of resolution is fascinating.

The psychics remind me a bit of the oracles in Philip K. Dick's Minority Report. Of course in that instance the Tyrant is really The State, so it's much less personal.


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