thread: 2009-06-24 : Rock of Tahamaat, Tyrant of IIEE

On 2009-06-25, Vincent wrote:

Doc: Perfect, great question.

Yes, "I'm craven" is the stat for avoiding the consequences of exposing yourself to danger. You can understand "craven" to mean careful, cautious, patient, painstaking, or with planning and forethought.

You can also think of a high roll as your character overcoming that attribute, or else as that attribute serving her well. She overcomes her cowardice, or her cowardice serves her well. Both can be true, depending on the circumstances.

Player: I climb up the outside of a tower-
GM: Stop! 1: roll craven.
Player: [rolling] 5.
GM: Great! You start up the tower. It's really high, you're clinging to the side. 2: roll unlucky.
Player: [rolling] 4. Sum: 9.
GM: Cool. There are enough handholds and little edges you can wedge your fingers and toes into. You can climb up. Where are you going?
Player: To the concubines' window.
GM: Oh, of course! Cool. So the possible outcomes. Worst, that you'll get stuck on the side of this terrifying kilometer-high tower. Good, that you'll barely manage to drag yourself to the window. Best, that you'll make it easily. 3: roll craven.

Meaning: if you're a chicken-heart you'll get stuck. If you're careful and smart, you'll make it. Roll!


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