thread: 2009-06-24 : Rock of Tahamaat, Tyrant of IIEE

On 2009-06-25, Vincent wrote:

Mathieu: I'd expect Rock of Tahamaat's informers to be basically reliable, not liars. After all, Rock of Tahamaat's player knows what really happened, and can choose to have Rock of Tahamaat torture his informers to death any time, for any reason or no reason whatsoever, no in-character justification required.

I think for the first round or two, Rock of Tahamaat's player will be kind of idly interested, watching what happens with a detached and superior air. But when the other characters get serious, she's going to find that Rock of Tahamaat doesn't have quite the right tools to deal with them, and it's going to become super important to her to catch every last detail of what they do, in case they inadvertently give her an angle she can use. Rock of Tahamaat's life and rule is on the line here, after all.


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