thread: 2009-06-24 : Rock of Tahamaat, Tyrant of IIEE

On 2009-06-27, Vincent wrote:

Endgames: yes, those. In the section "until," it should say this:

If Rock of Tahamaat dies or gets overthrown, collaborate together to give all the surviving characters epilogues, and end the game.

So there's that one too, where Rock of Tahamaat loses his rule but keeps his life (and, presumably, his ambitions).

There's also the endgame where Rock of Tahamaat makes (some of) the other PCs his generals, friends, allies, advisors, wives, etc, and they go forward together to bring war and fire to the whole galaxy.

The GM's agenda is to find out what will happen between Rock of Tahamaat and the other PCs, without throwing it one way or the other.


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