thread: 2009-06-24 : Rock of Tahamaat, Tyrant of IIEE

On 2009-07-02, Josh W wrote:

Of course great Rock is bold and not craven, he has telepaths!

I love the interaction of the two scales. I also love the idea of trying to use my cooks and concubines for everything, by the way I phrase my intent.

(Is there something psychological about my total focus on playing Rock?) :P

One suggestion for an important rules change; Rock of Tahamaat should not touch mere dice, until he has to roll them himself in extremis. He should spend most of his time folding his arms and being magnificent! The GM should roll for Rock's player.

As for players scenes, I suspect expanding this to a full game you'd need to flesh out two things; help towards the structure of the oppressed's scenes and how often they turn into something deserving of Rock's attention.

Secondly what it means for their desperations to conclude. Is it just that they are no longer desperate and have found some stable sort of life? If so that could be pretty interesting, with the players resolving their characters story all while remaining within the shadow of Rock of Tahamaat. How very ominous!


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