thread: 2009-07-03 : A fun interview about Dogs in the Vineyard

On 2009-07-10, Josh W wrote:

Sounds cool, but it could import into dogs a problem from other games, which is when they keep one eye on the future to the detrement of the present:

Say in D&D or something where there are characteristics you want that have certain prerequisites, frequently players will plan for their characters to get them even though their character specifically doesn't want them to happen, or despite them being irrelevent to everything else being contributed, leading to all kinds of bizarre behaviour. The prepping for playing the character they really want to play skews their current playing in a way that is less engaged and open.

In contrast, in dogs, because people don't have to scheme to get the narrative tool they want, they don't need to split their attention. So all that stuff Judd talked about could happen, but it isn't aimed for in the same way.


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