thread: 2005-05-20 : Things on Character Sheets

On 2005-05-20, Jay Loomis wrote:

Imagine Thatcher's London. Imagine a person in Thatcher's London who has everything to lose.

That's a character. That's a whole, playable, complete character.

I don't agree. I am sure that you, Vincent, can wield that thought as a complete character. I don't agree that that's all anybody needs.

I do agree that the stuff on the sheet is for you, as player, and the other players and GM (if there is one). However, I think that the stuff on the page is all there to give context to you and the others. It isn't (just) about resources. It can be, but I think that path leads to problems. The stuff you write down about your character tells the other players about what you want from the game. It tells of your expectations. It gives the others hooks to grab onto and knobs and levers to play with.

I really need to get my context article finished, so I can articluate all of this better. It isn't going to happen this week though—I'll be busy with my IGC game design work.


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