thread: 2005-03-09 : Traditional vs. Commie Roleplaying

On 2005-03-09, xenopulse wrote:

Both kinds will suck without functional rules.

I assume you are refering to System (a la your very own Lumpley Principle). It can definitely work well without mechanics, I've seen that a lot in my freeform time. But yes, you need to agree on basic rules of credibility. In true freeform, this usually comes down to total character ownership and some form of courtesy, plausibility, and/or creative judgment decisions on non-character input. Often, blocking is deeply frowned upon.

I care about how the people treat one another's contributions.

That's exactly on point. With the right people, this can work in most games (which is why a lot of RPers always talk about how great their GM or group is). But with the right kind of game, this can be assured much more profoundly (like Tony said). So that's definitely one area good RP design should focus on.

- Christian


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