thread: 2009-12-18 : Seed content

On 2009-12-19, Christian Griffen wrote:

Yeah, but... I kinda do love PTA, Shock: and Contenders just for manipulating our social interaction.

I'd maybe soften the whole thing a little: it's not impossible to have a meaningful gaming session without seeds that come with the game, it's just harder.

And like Robert says, some games make this easier—like Shock:.  Those games are very conscious of the fact that seeding is difficult, and that if you don't provide a setting, you need to provide a very good mechanism for the group making one on their own.  That mechanism in itself often is limiting creativity, in Josh's words; Shock: guides you through creating sci-fi seeds of a certain kind, PTA guides you through creating dramatic TV show seeds of a certain kind, Contenders guides you through creating Raging Bull kinds of seeds...

I actually think this is why Contenders is the most hit-or-miss of the three, because the guidance isn't as strong.


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