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On 2009-12-21, Judd wrote:

I have found that collaborative setting generation goes much, much smooth when someone puts their hand firmly on the tiller and lays a foundation for everyone to build upon.  In PTA, this could mean saying, "I'd like to play a game that is the hot new series sci-fi series that takes the place of BSG on the sci-fi network, a re-imagining of a classic in a cool new way." or in Mortal Coil when Brennan said something like, "What if the magic was Rock & Roll and it was founded when Jack Johnson made a deal with the devil at the crossroads?"

A blank page is generally too much for a group to deal with and we end up with zombies riding elephants or whatever.  But with a solid foundation, we can feel free to build with our friends.

Shock: does this by giving us the big ideas that make up the world and the rest we just have to make up in bite-sized chunks before and while we play.

Rather than starting a BW game by saying, "What kind of fantasy game do you want to play?" it is better to narrow down the stocks (Elf, Dwarf, Orc and Human) and then say something like, "The artifacts necessary to slay a dragon have been lost to your people and now a dragon squats in your finest mountain-keep.  You are the ones who are going to get them back.  Who are you?"

Also of interest, Questions Based Setting Creation

Collaboration isn't some kind of holding hands and singing koombay-ya bullshit.  It needs a leader too.  I think we are often so busy busting down the patriarchal blue-lighting bolt throwing Dungeon Master that we forget that creative endeavors need leaders.


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