thread: 2009-12-18 : Seed content

On 2009-12-21, Jesse Burneko wrote:

Actually, I have very recent first hand experience with this.

I own the game Fantasy Flight Boardgame, "Android."  I love it.  I'd really like an RPG that works with the same material.  I decided to try running a game myself using games currently available to me.

First we nailed down some tenants of the setting using a list of questions I put together.

Then we played one story arc using The Pool.  (Note: I used Dogs in the Vineyard's Town Creation rules to produce the back story).  It was... okay.  Enough that the players wanted to do try it again with a different game.

We played an interlude in the same setting using Dirty Secrets.  It worked a little better but had some strange results like when we randomly generated a romantic relationship between a guy and "male" android.  Gay robot sex was not exactly something we had in mind when we started playing.

Finally, we did a third story using Primetime Adventures.  This was going a little better but it was definitely Law & Order in Space rather than the kind of Cybernoir I was hoping for.  We ended up abandoning the game after the second episode.

So yeah, I still really want a custom game that really speaks to the ideas of Cybernoir and the material found in the Android Boardgame because no less than *three* different system applications didn't cut it.



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