thread: 2009-12-18 : Seed content

On 2009-12-22, jaywalt wrote:

You've hit on exactly why Geiger Counter isn't done yet.

I've run it a bunch and other people have run it a bunch.  Sometimes it works super duper great. Other times it's just mediocre.  And it totally has to do with framing the setting content, since the procedures are somewhat flexible but the key is knowing HOW and WHEN to flex them.  And in cases where the setting isn't strong conceptually, where it's somewhat generic or just weaksauce with no bite, that flexibility becomes vagueness and doesn't provide enough structure to keep things running along.

Lately, I've been strongly considering having a default setting, something that I know rocks hard, and then just letting people drift it to do other things, because you know they're going to do that anyway (as with Dogs, Dust Devils, etc.)

My own experiences writing Geiger have honestly reinforced experiences I've had with Shock:, Mortal Coil, PTA and other setting-agnostic games, but I'm not sure I could have put my finger on the issue without having sat down and tried to write one of these myself.


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