thread: 2005-03-09 : Traditional vs. Commie Roleplaying

On 2005-03-10, Vincent wrote:

Chris: "Do you think the 'unnatural-ness' of it all is rooted in the fact that as a group everyone is cooperating while at the same time conflict is produced through (a form of) competition?"

No, not really, not competition. When I'm trying to hurt Emily's or Meg's character to death and rebirth, it's not a competitive thing. It's more like super-constructive criticism, like I say.

Hm, yeah. Kind of like how a painting class will create a formal, unnatural structure for criticism. Outside of class, your friendships with your fellow painters are based on supporting and loving. Criticizing your friend's paintings can be hurtful. But when everybody's paintings are on the wall and the teacher's established that it's that day, the expectations and permissions change: it's hurtful if you don't criticize.


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