thread: 2009-12-18 : Seed content

On 2009-12-28, Vincent wrote:

So J...

I'm all bouncing in my seat and I'm like, "praxis: time travel vs taking your medicine!"

And you're like, "okay. For time travel, let's see... Let's say that time travel uses the 'death-defying stunt' rules. Taking your medicine obviously uses the 'sucking up pain' rules."

But then you could be like, "oh wait, you know what would be really fun for time travel? Time travel uses the 'making something of value' rules. Hot sweet bippy boo!"

And then you're like, "praxis: CGI hyper-violence vs holding hands and singing."

So I'm like, "so yeah, let's do CGI hyper-violence with the 'action-violence' rules (not, for instance, the 'murder' rules, although how about the 'creating a distraction' rules? Hmm). But for holding hands and singing, I'm going to go with the 'forcing another's hand' rules, not the 'united group action' rules. Cool?"

And you're like, "cool. Mean. Cool."

So what the designer's done, then, is designed a whole buttload of distinct subsystems...
- action-violence
- creating a distraction
- death-defying stunts
- forcing another's hand
- making something of value
- murder
- sucking up pain
- united group action
- and probably many more, along the same lines
...Only four of which will appear in our game, based on our judgment of the content we've chosen.

Am I reading you?


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