thread: 2005-03-09 : Traditional vs. Commie Roleplaying

On 2005-03-10, Emily Care wrote:

s'all good. Portfolio day is just peer review.  It's feedback. Not on what is good or right, but just more information.

An audience watching a show gives the performers an idea of what is working, and more energy to go on to do what they want to do. If you're protagonizing someone's character, you're doing that too, but you're also making creative contributions that you think mesh with what they've already put into play. It's more like jazz or a drum circle than a concert.

An opponent when you're sparring helps you push yourself to your real limits, and there are all kinds of formal limitations on that.  This seems most analogous to the way the GM role has been used to push players. This


a very competitive model. If the model we use was something like dance, then how we look at it might be very different.

And if you say "how could dance be collaborative, it has to be choreographed to work", check out contact improv. (didn't know it originated at Oberlin, cool.)


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