thread: 2009-12-18 : Seed content

On 2010-01-05, Susano-wo wrote:

"And my spymaster friend couldn't really do too much long term proactive spying, and my paladin's messed up family relationships couldn't come to bear, and our kung-fu master's style rivalries couldn't play a role":
RE: Spymaster: why not?
RE: Paladin: why not?
RE: Master: Why N—ok, there isn't a whole lot to truly create different styles in AD&D, so that would be hard to bring into play, aside for must saying that the styles are different ^ ^
Now, just to make sure I am clear: I am assuming from the context of the thread that you are saying you couldn't because you were trying to do these things with the AD&D system. If that is not the case, than my questions still stand, but my 'answers' might be different or non-existant


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