thread: 2009-12-18 : Seed content

On 2010-01-18, Susano-wo wrote:

Well, to start with something very positive, I don't think there is a real communication breakdown (though I suppose hang up could be accurate in the sense of delaying it). Thoughtbubble's clarification is exactly why I didn't launch on a tirade about how you really can do all these things in D&D—He really is saying that D&D doesn't help, and their group dynamic sabotaged it. Which makes sense, though its too bad.

And now to something still fairly positive :D
RE: Spying. I agree with about everything you are saying RE: COlleen's politeness and that it would have been much more satisfying if you could have given her that. But I don't think spying rules owuld have helped. YOu can have a framework for it, which might facilitate what to roll when, but the meat of it is still the content and interactions—stuff that the framework wouldn't really help you with.
Though we are, of course, dealing with only hypothetical frameworks, so its hard to make a conclusive argument. :P


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