thread: 2009-12-18 : Seed content

On 2010-01-25, Marshall Burns wrote:

Hey Joel, sorry, no faux pas; didn't mean to imply that. Oh, and the Invisibles is highly Burroughsian, so yeah :)

Yeah, I'm pretty much with you on that. I'd also really love to see what Burroughs made of contemporary politics.

WSB isn't really being a rebel against a great conspiracy. Well, sometimes, but that great conspiracy is just a small symptom of a larger problem. He really gets into this in his later books (although he hinted at it in everything he wrote), especially the trilogy of Cities of the Red Night, Place of Dead Roads, and The Western Lands. What he's really talking about is rebelling against much bigger things: time, death, the body/mind construct (or, as he calls it, the Human Artifact), the entire idea of parties nations and other tribes, fate, the laws of nature. The implication is that all of this is being forced on us by a cosmic conspiracy that is beyond human. And he repeatedly states that if this fight means the end of existence as we know it, "LET IT COME DOWN."


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