thread: 2009-12-18 : Seed content

On 2010-01-27, Mathieu Leocmach wrote:

So if Seed Content is good for settings, it's good for characters too, right?

I speak for the devil :
So if Seed Content is good for settings and characters, it's good for scenario too, right?

Ok, ill phrased. Scenario not an element of Exploration.

But I remember well very good one-shot games where almost everything was constrained : characters, situation, setting, color. Not necessary rules, because it was mainly so-called "rule-less" games ("no explicit rule" can anyway be considered as a constrain on the rules).

In particular, I wrote such a one-shot for a convention. It was played 3 or 4 times there, like 10 times afterward by several groups and GMs. It went wrong one or two times. Not terribly wrong, but not very satisfying. And each time that was because GM dismissed a constrain.

The constrains were necessary to have a game lasting no more than 6 hours. But not only. They were necessary to have a good game without relying solely on player ability and experience.


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