thread: 2010-02-16 : Things on Character Sheets (2)

On 2010-02-16, Roger wrote:

At this point in my life I find myself thinking more about how that artifact came into being, rather than what it looks like in motion during "the game".

Stuff like:  How much of that data was generated before play, and how much during play?  And for the case of before play, how much by one guy sitting alone, and how much by a guy sitting among the other players?

Also:  How much of it, if any, is randomly or procedurally generated?  What constraints exist between the various parts, and between the various characters?  (What I mean with the last part is: what if one and only one character must be Afraid?  Does the game give you any mechanism for resolving that decision?)

Also also, man, that poor schlub doesn't even get a name.  There are ephemeral things going on about how a player feels about a character, and they're only rarely mechanized.


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