thread: 2010-02-16 : Things on Character Sheets (2)

On 2010-02-18, Josh W wrote:

I really dislike "currency" as a term, but my version is really long: "rules embodied intra-character causality"!

It reminds me a bit of Wittgenstein and his approach to sentences; the words stand for things, whatever, but the relationships between the words in a sentence allow you to put the relationships between those things right up in front of the person listening:

You can call one stat "wearyness" and another "hope", but it's the way that they interact in your that tells someone what you think about their relationship. Or rather, it tells you what their relationship could be, because languages or games are not required to match the real world, obviously!

In fact that's one cool thing about playing a game you disagree with; showing how it isn't the structure of the real world in a way that's still fun, trying to do the deconstruction-reconstruction trick without the car crashes.

Gregor that sounds pretty familiar to me; just have two people in the group called "the greatest swordsman" or "the only survivor of the disaster" and you can see it in action! You can put limits on admissable positioning, (ration it/make compromises/put limits for everyone) or you can allow that positioning to become false, an illusion, a first draft etc. So the swordsmen constantly compete, and the two survivors talk about their experience etc.

Alternatively you can avoid ever mentioning that problem, and just avoid expressing those elements of the character, which generally pleases no-one!


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