thread: 2010-02-18 : Currency - Spanning Divide and Range

On 2010-02-19, Vincent wrote:

Roger: Well, since currency is just part of system, it always exists at only the player level. Nobody enacts a game's currency but its players, and in action it doesn't affect anybody but them.

Or do you mean that currency rules might refer only to real-world things, like "spend a Hero Point to reroll all your dice"? If so: yep.

Way: It is, yes. In most games, it's not just one single exchange rate, but a whole raft of them:

1 successful to-hit roll => 1 damage roll => x-number of HP lost => y-chance of significant long-term consequences

1 successful skill roll => x-variety of circumstantial changes, some of which => y-modifier to future rolls and/or z-expenditure of resources

...And as you can see, it's not usually 2-directional like a real currency exchange. You cash your successful to-hit roll in for a damage roll, but in most games you can't trade your damage roll away for a successful to-hit roll.

Does that help or am I heaping nonsense upon nonsense? I do that sometimes.


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