thread: 2010-02-23 : Can your brains just do it?

On 2010-02-24, Simon C wrote:


I'm interested in "circumstance-responsive vs circumstance-analytic."

I guess I find it interesting to think about exactly what kinds of judgements are easy to make, and which kinds are difficult.  I think I know what you mean by the above phrase, but I'm not sure.

Is "discreet vs. continuous" a good distinction? Discreet, like, counting things, putting things into one category or another.  Continuous like judging how much of a particular quality something has, etc.

I think there's also something to be said for what kind of consequences rest on the decisions you make.  Maybe I'm anticipating your reliable vs. unreliable stuff here, but for example, I find Burning Wheel has the worst combination of these qualities: As GM when you're saying what the obstacle of the task is, you're making a quantitative judgement of a bunch of continuous variables, and the consequnce of your decision is often whether the task is feasible or impossible.

On the other hand, in Dogs for example, judging whether a raise is just talking, physical, or fighting or whatever is a judgement of categorical variables, and the consequences aren't immediate or predictable.


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