thread: 2010-03-01 : Reliable vs Unreliable Currency

On 2010-03-01, Vincent wrote:

Marknau: 1. Ah, sure, I meant the effectiveness->positioning currency. You stab the concubine-taker and kill him effectively; how does this affect your character's position in the Kaliste? We can't possibly predict. First it passes through the GM's hands, as Rock of Tahamaat's advisors. Will they tell him that Family Niten is murdering his concubine-takers, or that psychics are, or that the Cult of Amma is? Then it's in Rock of Tahamaat's players hands: what will Rock of Tahamaat intend for those people? Then to the dice and back to the GM: how thorougly and correctly will his intention come true in the Kaliste, and will it or won't it happen to land upon you personally? Only THEN can we know how killing the concubine-taker affects your position.

Compare, like, an arbitrary fantasy rpg, where killing a concubine-taker is worth some XP in the long, predictable climb up from thug-for-hire to criminal underlord.

2. is interesting. I have something I'm grasping at along those lines. I need to design a game to look at it. I have the game in mind, but I'm too busy right now to go off designing games just to look at a thing.


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