thread: 2010-03-01 : Reliable vs Unreliable Currency

On 2010-03-01, Jay Loomis wrote:

A while ago (perhaps a long while ago) you said something to the effect that the only purpose of RPG rules is to make your friends say cool stuff. It has stuck with me. And I think it touches on this issue.

In my experience, reliable currency leads to players saying cool stuff only if a.) the GM (or group if no GM) is being a hard-ass and really challenges weak in-fiction justification of currency expenditure or b.) they wanted to say something cool anyway.

On the other hand, depending on how it's implemented, unreliable currency leads to players saying cool stuff when a.) the GM is conscious about properly setting the scene or b.) the player feels invested in helping to set the scene. But I can also see how unreliable currency is able to give color assitance to prime the creativity pump if the rules are well designed.


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