thread: 2010-03-01 : Reliable vs Unreliable Currency

On 2010-03-01, Tim C Koppang wrote:

The problem with "unreliable" currency is that it's not only unreliable but also dependent on the GM deciding that a particular modifier applies in a particular situation—at least in many traditional implementations.  You can place the authority for deciding whether a modifier applies into the hands of the player, but it's still a decision based on that person's understanding of the SIS, or, less fairly, on his competitive motivations and willingness to fudge the SIS.

All of this can quickly devolve into the realm of, not unreliable currency, but arbitrary currency.  That sneaking sense of arbitrariness is what turns many people off.  I also think it is one of the reasons that Story Now designers favor reliable currency, because it forces players to focus not on character effectiveness, but on thematic contributions.


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