thread: 2010-03-01 : Reliable vs Unreliable Currency

On 2010-03-02, Ben Lehman wrote:

Tim: Why is it necessarily a "GM" who decides the application of unreliable currency?

Consider Themes in Polaris, and how the Moons in/validate their use. You could make an argument that the Moons are GMs, but it's a pretty weak argument.

The problem with shunting the question of advantage and applicability entirely into the currency space is in two parts.

First, spending resources gives players a sense of entitlement to the bonus. If all you have to do is "describe a tactical advantage" than a player who is, fictionally, at a huge tactical disadvantage can nonetheless, through use of their currency, gain "tactical advantage."

Thus, the fiction is less and less important, and gradually leaks out of play. Remember the thing with the right pointing arrows? What Vincent was trying to say there, long-windedly, was: Fiction does matter.



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