thread: 2005-03-10 : Character Death

On 2005-03-10, luke wrote:

I'm so copping out of this thread. I need time to think on it, actually. Believe it or not, my views on the matter have substantively changed in the past two weeks!

I recognized that I'm concerned with one thing and one thing only: when and how a player is removed from play.

Having this happen in a random, haphazard fashion does not facilitate the play I designed for in Burning Wheel. It actually just creates problems.

But, like Vincent, I'm currently interested in rpg design that strongly acknowledges character death through violence—where it's a feature of play, not an unlucky incident. So this is very much on my brain. How do you account for a violent, soulless world? Personally, Mr Baker, I think your observations about BoB are spot on, and I think you're copping out thinking you can't replicate or amplify that in a game. Especially a game about emotional attachments.



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