thread: 2005-03-10 : Character Death

On 2005-03-11, Vincent wrote:

Well, it seems that we all crave death and we're all not sure how to get it. Many of us are designing games about it right now! That means that in a year when we revisit the question, we'll have lots more concrete rules and play to talk about.

As Luke wishes, though! Thor: "Is this the sort of thing you were getting at Vincent, or am I way off base?"

You're way ON base.

Here's a Band of Brothers example. What makes a good leader? A whole bunch of PCs die or are maimed to answer that question. From their point of view, they weren't trying to answer the question at all, they were trying to survive shelling in Alsace. It's from our point of view as the audience, looking at the episode (and series) as a whole - as players, looking at the game as a whole - that we even see the question and the answer.


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