thread: 2005-05-20 : Things on Character Sheets

On 2005-05-20, Eric Provost wrote:

I get the idea that a character sheet represents a player's resourses, but I'm having problems with the idea that, under no circumstances does a character sheet represent a character.

If I take a sheet of paper and write at the top "Character sheet", and under that write "Bob.  He's got a lot of problems and tons of stuff on his mind."  Is that not a character sheet, and does it not represent my character Bob?

If I take the piece of paper that represents my character, hand it to another player who's familiar with the game, and that other player is able to discern the important elements of who that character is in the story, then how does that sheet not represent the character?

I'd like to think I'm nearly up to speed on RPG theory these days, but stuff like this is still spining my head.



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