thread: 2005-03-15 : Immersion Zen

On 2005-03-15, kat miller wrote:

The real in-principle tradeoff may be between the zen and pacing. The zen may require a leisurely pace. It may be that games like Dogs and The Mountain Witch and My Life with Master play too unremittingly - they don't give the in-play downtime nor the between-play creative power that a less immediate game would.

I've been fortunate to play Dogs, MLwM and Mountain Witch (sometimes its good to be me) and I don't think its pacing.  There was less Zen in Mountain Witch but it was Convention play, but I have gotten plenty of Zen in My Life,and in Dogs.

Mike and I have moved from Fiat style Freeform to a more upfront style of play where we share tasks and discuss what would make the best scene and then assign eachother roles, but even in that I've noticed the less ownership of characters I have the less Zen I'm experiencing.

Universalis has the least amount of Zen, although it is an enjoyable game.

I would say that pacing is certainly a factor, but I think it also ties back into Character ownership because the more time you play the more time your investing in the character you own.



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