thread: 2010-08-13 : IPR and You

On 2010-08-16, Simon Rogers wrote:

"it's our games that make IPR cool, not IPR that makes our games cool"

Is there a single person in the world who does not think this?

Certainly not past IPR management and shareholders, and certainly not current IPR management and shareholders. I wish you had been privvy to our conversations over the past few years.

I'm surprised people have had trouble talking to the new management - they seem devoted to listening at the moment. Do tell if you've had negative responses, or been ignored. And I mean by direct personal contact - not just overwhelming threads on the internet.

Anyway, I hope to see changes which give emphasis to the smaller publishers, and those who are not on a constant cycle of releasing new products soon.

Note while I am a shareholder, I have no management power whatsoever.

Vincent - do tell me who said this "Sign with IPR or you'll be lucky if your game sells 30 copies." I'd certainly like to nip this attitude in the bud if it's prevalent.

What changes, if any, would persuade you to rejoin, or are you just against the whole thing in principle?


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