thread: 2010-08-13 : IPR and You

On 2010-08-16, Vincent wrote:

Hi Simon.

> Anyway, I hope to see changes which give emphasis to the
> smaller publishers, and those who are not on a constant
> cycle of releasing new products soon.

This would make a big difference to me!

IPR's interests and my interests overlap, but they don't align. This shouldn't surprise anybody; of course they don't. It's in my interests to sell a lot of my books and put my books into a lot of hands, for instance, but it's in IPR's interests to sell a lot of books period, without paying any special attention to mine. It makes sense for IPR to actively promote its top sellers, given their interests, but it means that IPR underpromotes games that aren't already top sellers, against those publishers' interests. Within IPR, it puts smaller games in competition with bigger ones, where outside of IPR no such competition exists.

So, no, I don't object to IPR in principle, it's all very practical (if occasionally ideological). Whether IPR's insterests and mine CAN better align, through some change of policy or other, I don't know. I'm open to it.

I'll email you about my customer service probs, I suppose. It's not really my job, and it sounds like it's not really yours either, so I dunno if it'll be worth the time. Brennan asked me too, and it's not really his either! It's kind of funny. Anyway, email is the better medium for that. I wish it'd worked out to talk about it live at the con.


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