thread: 2010-08-13 : IPR and You

On 2010-08-17, Simon Rogers wrote:

IPR is very different to other similar companies, for example, Publishers can place their own games on their own website and not on IPR until they are getting diminishing returns, then add them to IPR - taking advantage of the IPR brand name without losing maring. They can do this selectively, on a per-product basis.

If you want a sale on your sight and not on IPR, you can do it.

While it might arguably be in IPR's interest to be the first choice for customers, we have been acting against our interest. Most of the issues which have affected Vincent our actually our efforts to be as fair as possible - if we'd been doing things on footprint alone, the little guys would have had less chance, and DitV would have been on the front page the whole time.

rpgnow's approach is that you must release your products at the same, must not have a sale on your site if they don't, and get a better discount if you are exclusive.

The canny indie publisher will get everything they can from their own site, then release on IPR.

Vincent, we must have a proper talk sometime about IPR in person.


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