thread: 2010-08-13 : IPR and You

On 2010-08-17, Vincent wrote:

Oh, Dogs in the Vineyard was on IPR's front page the whole time it was at IPR. I benefited like crazy! Unlike Mechaton, In a Wicked Age, Shock:, and Sorcerer, Dogs lost sales when I quit IPR.

I, uh, I'm going to let that claim stand, that Shock: and Sorcerer sell better direct through the un-store than they did through IPR, but maybe Joshua and Ron can come around and confirm or deny. Mechaton and In a Wicked Age sell better now than they did.

Anyway, I especially lost retail sales, although they've been recovering pretty well. I expect to regain a lot of ground with retailers with Apocalypse World over the next year. Signs so far are very good, but of course the game's barely newborn so who knows.


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