thread: 2010-08-19 : One of my favorite GenCon conversations

On 2010-08-24, Erik Weissengruber wrote:

Vincent, you and Clyde talk about how all participants in a game have to have a common approach that is appropriate to a given game.

Then you go on to say that a particular approach—let's call it X1—is needed to play 3:16.  And, approach—X2—is needed to play Poison'd, but the limited size of the text didn't allow extended discussion of the appropriate GM-ing style.  And then you go on to say that the GM-ing approach discussed in detail in Apocalypse World—X3—is applicable to all of the games that need approach X.

Is there any way you can lay out the magic of X for me.  I am going to GM Poison'd shortly and I don't want to leave my players X-less.


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