thread: 2010-08-19 : One of my favorite GenCon conversations

On 2010-08-27, J. Walton wrote:

Cool. It may be, then, that losing connections to the cloud happened across an entire swath of rpg design, then, and not just a certain group of small press games, if it's spread as far as 4E.  Not sure, though, because I don't feel like I have enough knowledge to make that call.

BTW, Vincent, as one of the folks who didn't get IAWA and Poison'd, it was fun to hear you talk about those games and how AW is different (and I think it really is) in terms of how you approached making certain things explicit or not.

I will admit, though, that even now, my reaction is like "even if it takes 10 or 20 or 50 pages to make this kind of stuff explicit in the text... isn't that the most important part of writing the text? Aren't those the most important, most worthwhile pages? Aren't those pages the ones that make it possible for us to acknowledge and talk about different styles of play?"  Maybe that's not true for all projects, but I'm really, really glad it's true for AW, at least, and that I can now go back and understand what you were doing in those other games (and maybe 3:16 too).


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