thread: 2010-08-13 : IPR and You

On 2010-09-23, Darren Watts wrote:

Hey all! Alas, this thread was literally just pointed out to me. I confess, I'm not entirely up on all the locations discussions about IPR go on, though I'm working to get educated as quickly as possible. Vincent, I'm also sorry we weren't able to meet f2f at Gencon. Please be aware I'd be delighted to talk to you anytime, anyplace; you can reach me by email at darrenwatts AT yahoo DOT com, or I can get you my cell number to chat about any concerns you might have.

As far as our philosophy goes, we are absolutely in agreement that it's the games that are cool, not us; and that our primary customers are the publishers. If anybody's suggested otherwise to you, please let me know about it, especially if they do so as rudely as you say you've heard.

Please, anybody with questions or concerns about IPR, what we think or how we do business, bring them directly to me, at the address above or in person anywhere I might be. I hate to hear anybody's dissatisfied with us second-hand. IPR can't be all things to all people, but we can't be anything useful to you if we don't know there's a problem. dw


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