thread: 2005-03-16 : Solo Play and Kid Play

On 2005-03-16, Vincent wrote:

Tobias: "I haven't found that solo-RPG that uses my own creativity, makes me care about the characters (they're all mine, aren't they?), challenges me, etc. I'd like to find it (even if it only fullfills some of the wishes)."

It doesn't exist. Or rather, it's called "write a short story."

What makes roleplaying cool isn't the audience, but the GM - the GM-type investment of another person in your character. Or yours in theirs. It's an active, collaborative, critical relationship, you and another person working effectively together.

Absent that, you've got fiction writing on one hand and fiction consumption on the other - including text adventures, choose-your-owns, game books. I don't see anything that roleplaying theory, which is about people in immediate communication, can teach us.


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