thread: 2011-01-20 : RPG Design, Craft and Discipline

On 2011-01-21, Simon C wrote:

This is good stuff.

I remember a playtest I ran for a cyberpunk game back in 2008 or so that used proto-"moves". There was a thing I was trying to get at with the design, a way of making a game work, and I couldn't make it happen.

The playtest was an awful failure, not just because it was no fun at all, but because I had zero idea where to go to make it better.

How do you strike that balance between admitting your failures, killing your darlings, and moving on, and on the other hand holding onto your vision, chiseling new ways of having fun out of stone, and damning the critics because you [i]know[/i] there's something good in there if you can just get to it?


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